Family Portraits: April

I just realized that I have shared my Family Portraits album here on my blog yet! Life has been a bit hectic lately...

Well anyways, here it is! I just love the Family Portraits concept. Last year I tried to do Project Life (and failed miserably), but I decided to start a new album dedicated only to Family Portraits. It’s a mini album, 4x4 inch instagram album. As the pockets are quite small, I wanted to dedicate those just to photos and pretty papers/embellishments. I came up with the idea to print my stories into vellum and attaching the vellum as a separate page between the pocket pages.

Materials: Cat File Store, American Crafts, We R Memorykeepers


  1. Beautiful! And I love the journaling on the vellum - clever idea ;)

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  3. Voi Veera, olet kuvassa niin äitisi oloinen <3. Terkkuja meiltä kaikilta, terv. Aikku

  4. Ihanan söpö tämä sun albumi! Ja kiva että oot taas innostunut tällaisesta Project Life -tyylisestä skräppäyksestä, vaikkakaan ei ole se perinteinen konsepti kyseessä :)


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