CSI: Yosemite

CSI's wedding theme month closes with honeymoon.

One of the destinations on our honeymoon was the Yosemite national park. The views where amazing and this photo suited so well to this weeks color scheme.

As stitching was in the evidence list, I had an idea to create one layer totally with my sewing machine. I think that the idea was good, but I'm not sure if the execution is that good... But anyway, nice try :)

Here are some close-ups:

Evidence: travel accents (map paper and map border sticker), stitching, stickers (border stickers)

Testimony: Honeymoon

Journaling is hidden under the photo (tag with "what a day" stamp). The journaling tries to verbally describe the amazing views. We visited the park in September, so it was nice that it wasn't totally packed with tourists. There are several waterfalls in Yosemite, but normally in September those all are already dry, but luckily we still managed to see couple of beautiful waterfalls :)


  1. Upea! Mahtavasti toimii tyhjä tila ja kuvan ympärille keskitetyt elementit. Tykkään!!

  2. Pakkohan sitä oli CSI galleriasta hypätä vielä tänne blogin puolelle ihastelemaan. Huikean upea sivu <3

  3. Vau, tämä on tosi upee! Ihan kuin oisi autonrenkaan jälki tuosta sivun poikki :), hienolta näyttää!


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