CSI: Only you

Wedding documentation continues in CSI challenges :) In this page I used my birthday present that my husband gave me for the first time: gelatos. I love them! I created the backround and colored the leaves/flourishes with those. I tried to keep the page quite simple to keep the photo in main focus.

Evidence: Leaves (I think those chipboard flourishes look just like leaves), twine (piece of twine in the journaling card) and wood pattern (pattern paper under the photo)

Testimony: Document a wedding (this is one of the pictures from our wedding day)
Here is some close-ups:

Journaling: I found that nice quote from pinterest that I used as a title "Only you can give me that feeling". I used that as a starting point to my journaling and created a list how my husband makes me feel. Every point on that list start as "only you can give me that feeling...." Here is few examples from the list: ... that I'm the most important thing in the world to you. ...that things will work out as long as we are together.

And finally the case folder:

Thanks for reading! :)

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