The story of "structured" Christmas

I love Christmas. It's a time when you get together with your loved-ones.

Our Christmases are quite structured in a way. This might sound really weird to you but let me explain. We are spending Christmas in two locations every year. This year we were with my family-in-law the Christmas eve and on Christmas day we changed venue to my family's place. And next year we will do it the other way. I really like the way we handle this! It's so easy to know what you are going to do and our families know this "structure" too. No need for discussion and hassle on where to spend Christmas :)

This layout was created for CSI.

Evidence: stripes, flourishes, holiday accents, branches
Testimony: Document the holidays


  1. So beautiful layout, love it!

  2. Beautiful soft layout and typical Veera style. Love it and that photo is perfect <3 Happy New Year. I see that 2015 has amazing things lined up for your <3


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