The cake

It's Saturday and time to show my latest layout I made for CSI. The theme of the June's Case files has been weddings so I thought it would be appropriate to make a layout of our wedding (and our anniversary is in few days too! Three years <3)

I immediately noticed the "document a meal" option from the testimony list. I wanted to document something about the food from our wedding day. This picture of our wedding cake suited so well to the colors so I had to use it. Cake is a meal, right? We had the most amazing wedding cake and there is a story behind it. We both love chocolate cakes, especially mudcake type of cakes. We were talking with our caterer about how we could have that kind of cake as a wedding cake. As mudcake isn't really the typical wedding cake, she had the best idea to make this beautiful white chocolate mousse cake that would hide a mudcake inside of it! So from the outside the cake looks pretty and white but when you cut the cake there is a layer of mudcake inside (and the mousse made the cake lighter as after a huge meal you can't eat a big slice of heavy and rich chocolate cake).

One detail that is hardly visible in the pictures is white doily stickers. I wanted to create something subtle to the background and placed white stickers on white cardstock. Those are under the flair and metal arrow paperclip. You can see those clearly in real life but the photos didn't capture those...

Evidence: Chevrons, silver metal, stitching
Testimony: Document a meal


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