The story of a diner experience

During our honeymoon, it was mainly my hubby who was always behind the camera taking pictures. So when I looked through the pics from that trip, this was one of the rare photos of him.

This was taken during our road trip in California, in a diner in some small town. In Finland, we don't have that kind of diners. If you are on the road, your options are McDonald's or gas stations (and the latter is normally pretty bad). For us, the american diners are pretty charming (at least the ones we have eaten in).  This particular diner was really a stereotype of a diner we had in mind: jukebox, vinyl chairs, basically the whole look! Loved it!

Materials: American Crafts (Dear Lizzy)

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  1. I agree with you... we don't have them here either. THey are such fun. Love this layout and the pic of him. Lovely as always.


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