The story of the perfect picture from New York

I love New York City. Period. We have been there three times and I can't wait to visit there again. There's something magical about that city.

Last May we were there for couple of days. I loved the spring there. Contrast between the big city and the nature was so cool. My husband took that photo when we were walking around the city. I think it captures perfectly the mood: a tree full of flowers in the middle of skyscrapers.

As the subway there isn't the most accessible (there's only some stations with elevators), we have walked so much there. But that's the perfect way to see the different sides of that city. On that day when that photo was taken, we walked along the shore line of Manhattan for almost 15 kilometres. It was such a beautiful day.

Materials: Gossamer Blue's September kit


  1. I agree with you I also love NYC... we wanted to go back again for Christmas and New Year to get the cold but I am not sure when now.... too much going on in my life. Anyway back to your layout. Another lovely soft layout. Love the grid design and the photo.... beautiful.

    1. That city is so magical, I can't wait to visit there again. Thank you for your lovely comment Val <3


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